Regional Focus

With our corporate office based in Oklahoma City, Turn Key Health Clinics’s leadership team is more knowledgeable and experienced with operating medical programs for jails in our region than any other company in the correctional health industry.  Our team is experienced with managing the day-to-day medical operations in jails with inmate populations ranging from 45 to 2500 inmates. Our regional focus provides our clients the assurance that state statutes will be met without incurring unnecessary costs often associated with companies who implement a national “cookie cutter” program in order to meet various statutes and accreditation requirements of numerous states.

Turn Key Health Clinics is not driven to become a national correctional health provider. We are driven to continue to provide the best correctional health partnership for the dedicated law enforcement and detention agencies in our region.

Customized Health Programs

We get it. Each jail operation is unique and operates under budgetary constraints that mirror that uniqueness. We provide comprehensive health programs that include medical, mental health, and dental programs just like our competitors. However, state statutes and federal regulations can be met in various ways depending on the size and operation of a facility. We will never push a cookie cutter operation on any of our clients. We will work with each client to provide appropriate, cost-effective health services customized to the needs of each facility – regardless of whether there are 25 inmates, 500 inmates, or 2000 inmates.

Site Specific Policy and Procedure Implementation

Just as facilities vary in size and operation, each facility is different in the level of medical services that can effectively be provided onsite. Our policies and procedures and medical programs will always meet or exceed state and federal requirements. However, we will never force generic or overbearing corporate policies and procedures on a client at the client’s expense.

Turn Key Health Clinics understands that a 50 bed jail may not necessarily need or desire policies and procedures that are designed to exceed every American Correctional Association (ACA) and National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standard. Thus, we customize our policies to meet each client’s expectations without jeopardizing the quality of care provided. However, if a facility is accredited or seeking accreditation from organizations such as ACA or NCCHC, we will produce and implement policies and procedures to meet the standards of these accrediting agencies. Turn Key Health Clinics’s leadership team is experienced in not only producing, but also effectively implementing a wide range of policies and procedures.

Dependable and Professional Staff

Individuals associated with the corrections industry are aware of the potential difficulties associated with recruiting and retaining quality personnel. All too often correctional health managers will resort to hiring anyone with active credentials in order to fill a vacancy, especially in times of extreme staffing shortages. This approach rarely will lead to desirable results.

Turn Key Health Clinics is unmatched in our region with the ability to recruit and retain dependable staff for the correctional environment. Along with our sister companies (Sooner Medical Staffing, Absolute Senior Care, and A Premier Home Care), Turn Key Health Clinics currently has access to more than 1000 health professionals available to the facilities we serve. While many correctional health organizations have limited recruiting resources dedicated to multiple states, Turn Key Health Clinics has multiple resources dedicated specifically to recruiting in our region. With such a high emphasis on recruiting locally, Turn Key Health Clinics has established exemplary retention rates with dependable, professional medical staff.